We're KAOS.

We build powerful Web Applications.

We design beautiful Web Sites.

We create lovely Print Media.

We are based out of Bangalore, India and have worked with people in various parts of the world.
KAOS is over 4 years old and the collective experience of the team is over 20 years. We're not very old, we started pretty young.
We are a people company. What drives us is the opportunity to work with different people from various walks of life, understand their business and their thought process. Learn, unlearn, relearn. Take responsibility and deliver results. We do this everyday.
Apart from our technical skills and design finesse we pride ourselves on our ability to see projects through, a skill, like others, we've developed over time.

We love being heard and know how good it feels. We're here to hear you out. Whether you are a big company, a start up or an idea person - already have a web presence, want to improve or start from scratch - we would love to listen to you, contribute and point you in what we believe is the right direction.

You will love working with us.